Holidays Bodrum. Myndos.

Myndos / Gumusluk, on the Bodrum Peninsular of Turkey.

Myndos/Gumusluk: This peaceful village is one of the oldest settlements on the Peninsula. It has modest restaurants and several pensions and motels, but it retains a small-scale atmosphere for the simple reason that most of the village is designated an official archaeological site so that no landscaping alterations or new groundbreakings are allowed. This status is designed to protect the Ancient site of Myndos, which is partially covered by Gumusluk.

Several restaurants have terraced roofs, perfect for enjoying the tranquil scene or for watching the sunset. The restaurants supply food of surprisingly good quality in an uncrowded environment, and the ones by the harbour are typified by their rushwoven umbrellas.

While the area's archaeological status forbids diving with tanks, snorklers will find more walls under water here, as well as an Ancient breakwater in the harbour, Those visiting by boat will want to stay close to the island on the eastern side of the entrance to avoid hitting underwater structures.

Rabbit Island: Once upon a time the Rabbit island was a place which was visited by the King of Halicarnassos Mousolos and his beloved Artemisya. He had the causeway built in order to have access to the Rabbit Island to feed the rabbits living on this small island and watch the famous and unique sunset with his beloved Lady. It is possible to walk to the island through the water since it is only knee-deep. You can climb up to the top of the island, take photos of the beautiful surroundings, sunbathe or dive into the clear blue waters of Gumusluk from the rock formations and swim above the ruins near the island. Rabbit Island was named after the rabbits which once inhabited the island, and it is still possible to see rabbits running wild on the island.

On the route back to Bodrum it is possible to see one of the few remaining working windmills in the area; facing northwest to catch the prevailing summer winds to drive the blades, it grinds locally grown wheat by the traditional method.

Trekking: The main town beach has access to the country side beyond which affords some of the best walks in the area. For those of you fit enough to take on the challenges there are some wonderfull walks and treks! Beaches There are two town beaches; to the left from the many fish restaurants is the main town beach with a few sun loungers and restaurants lining the front. To the right side is a small beach which has no loungers and very few people even during the height of the summer months.

History: The original Lelegian city of Myndos stood a few kilometers southeast of here. In the 4th century BC King Mausolus decided to build a new Myndos and transplanted the entire population. A hundred years ago there were ruins worth seeing (including a theatre and a stadium), but now these have disappeared, being gradually dismantled for the foundations and walls of new buildings. If you walk for ten minutes to the bay north east of Gumusluk you will see a buried wall jutting from a hillside into the sea.