Yalikavak,Bodrum, Turkey.

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Bodrum Peninsular Resorts

Torba, very modern village in the administrative area of the Bodrum Municipality, is a notable but small tourist resort. It has pebbly and sandy beaches, several modern hotels and hillsides richly scented with herbs growing in the wild.
There are many reminders of the past well worth seeing

Myndos/Gumusluk - This traditional fishing village offers visitors the chance to relax in peaceful surroundings. With its unique flora, the appealing landscape with its numerous opportunities for walking, fish restaurants along the shore-line and sandy beaches, your stay in Gumusluk will be a memorable one..The seaside village and fishing port of Gumusluk in Turkey is all that remains of the ancient city of Myndos which was destroyed hundreds of years ago. The remains of the foundations of buildings can be clearly seen in the knee deep water that leads to rabbit island. The island has building fragments scattered around dating back to antiquity and offers a panoramic view of Gumusluk cove and beach. A colony of rabbits inhabit the rock and can be seen hiding under the shrubs and trees that cling to the slopes.

Turgutreis is situated 18 kms from Bodrum and named after the respected 16th century admiral, Turgut Reis, this bustling town has good beaches, many shops and restaurants and several fine hotels.Together with neighbouring Kadikalesi, Turgutreis is a 'Windsurfers' Paradise'. The strong prevailing winds and current create challenging and unpredictable conditions. After a day at sea there are many bars and cafes in which to relax and enjoy the sunsets to which Turgutreis is renowned. The most popular restaurants are those offering typical Turkish specialities such as 'pide' and other oven backed delights.

Akyarlar is in 22 kilometres from the centre of Bodrum. It stretches between Akyarlar and Koca Points, one and a half kilometres to the east. Akyarlar Point is the eastern end of the Bodrum Peninsula, where slices of white rocks form ravines. This is the closest point to the Greek island of Cos. The distance is only five kilometres. Akyarlar, which is located on the eastern shore of the cove, used to be a village of fishermen and sponge divers. Now it has become a popular tourism resort in Turkey.

Golturkbuku - Midway along the peninsula's north shore, nestled in a huge bay are the two quaint villages of Turkbuku and Golkoy.
Safely tucked in the surrounding hillsides on the west side of the bay and sheltered by two islands the village of Turkbuku is a natural haven for area fishermen, who still operate from the many wooden jetties along the beachfront. Just outside the bay are popular fishing grounds for dil baligi, or sole.
Further on, at the foot of the bay, the village of Golkoy occupies a verdant green valley fronted by a long sandy beach with small pensions and restaurants. The delights of Golkoy are many, but perhaps foremost among them is the ability, to enjoy the quiet native atmosphere of fishermen, farmers and tradesmen going about their daily tasks with little concern for the noise and hustle and bustle of modern life.

Gumbet is a holiday resort created to provide the usual facilities expected from a beach holiday. Unlike nearby Bodrum, Gumbet has a long beach curving around a bay and the space for the hotels and apartments required to accommodate the package holiday industry. The center of Gumbet comes alive at night with several kilometers of rope lights in every conceivable color stretched around the outlines of almost every building, restaurant and disco bar. Flashing neon lights complete the picture in a final attempt to lure the passing tourists. Disco bar.

Bagla is 14 kilometres from Bodrum and has the best coves and beaches of the whole Peninsula. The beautiful cove to the west of Baglar Point is popular for Daily Boat Trips. The small inlands to the east of the cove are calmer. The coves and the area around them are available for camping. In the past, there used to a mandarin garden that had a stone pool with good water in it, surrounded by Cyprus pine trees. This used to be a summer resort for Bodrum locals in the past. They used to come here by small Boats for swimming and entertainment. Now a hotel has been erected here.

Gundogan is 25 kilometres from Bodrum. It is one of the more popular holiday resorts of recent years with its beaches and historic places. Gundogan is a fishermen’s place with its fully sand beach, very clean sea and its greenery. The sunsets at Gundogan are extremely pleasant. Those who want to spend the evening here go to fish restaurants by the waterside. There are restaurants and cafes to cater all tastes and pockets.

Mazi is a virgin cove just near Bodrum with extremely clean water. It has not yet been opened up to construction, has a very green character, with monumental trees and stones. You might wonder how it could have stayed untouched in comparison to other coves and yet being so close to Bodrum. The village of Mazi was opened up to tourism 25 years later that elsewhere, after its road was asphalted. The village on Inceyali’s shore is a heaven for those wanting to sunbathe, to rest in the quiet Aegean waters and begin a seafood diet.

Bitez, a long sand beach in form of a crescent moon that forms the east side of the bay. The beach direction west on the other hand is beautiful and also for children ideal as it shelves into the sea.