Bodrum holidays, Gumbet, Turkey.

Gumbet, on the Bodrum Peninsular of Turkey.

Gumbet was once a small, traditional fishing village on the Aegean Sea is a sort of seaside extension of the town of Bodrum and has become a major tourist attraction and a resort in its own right. The old town of Gumbet has virtually disappeared under the influx of the younger and more adventurous travellers who come to Gumbet for the beautiful beaches and superb location on the shores of the blue Aegean. In the last 50 years or so, the sleepy village with a population of about 1,000 has turned into the liveliest spot in south-western Turkey.

There are several good reasons for this transformation, the main one being that tourists and travellers, particularly from the U K, have discovered the treasures to be found in this warm and hospitable corner of the world. Not surprisingly as Gumbet’s main beach is one of the longest and most inviting on the coast, stretching more than a kilometre along the horseshoe bay.

The water is clean, clear and warm all year round, with the wide sandy beach sloping gently to create a safe haven for swimmers and a cooling breeze off the bay on even the hottest days of July and August. This same breeze makes Gumbet a perfect location for windsurfing and parasailing, and there are numerous facilities on the beaches for these and other water-oriented activities.

For just sunbathing and relaxing, you can hardly find a more comfortable spot than the beaches in this area, as most of the hotels and businesses along the beach offer free sun-beds on a first-come, first-served basis. There is also plenty of shade if you want it, and drinks from the multitude of bars and restaurants lining the beach, as well as plenty of toilet facilities.

If you want to venture away from the centre of activity, there is a great choice of delightful possibilities. Day trips to the local islands on boats captained by friendly, knowledgeable locals will take you to secluded coves for snorkelling and scuba diving, or to visit some of the lesser-known and fascinating historic sites, of which the area has many.

For even more diversions, visit Kargi Beach and take a ride on a camel, or take the kids to Aquapark Dedeman at Ortakent, where you’ll find a wonderland of water rides and slides. Not far from Gumbet you’ll also find one of the few official nudist beaches in the country.

While Gumbet has really become a resort community in its own right, boasting all the attractions of any popular resort, it still retains the look and feel of a traditional Turkish village in many respects. The Mediterranean climate, sparkling clear water and lively atmosphere combine with its tourist-friendly attitude to make this a prime destination for families looking for a beach holiday location and also for a rapidly growing number of young beach-and-party people.


When the sun goes down, the bustling nightclubs are one of Gumbet's main attractions, especially for those aged 18 to 30. Gumbet has hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs, but if you want even more choice head down to Bodrum. Have a light bite with a Turkish meze (starter) and for a midnight snack there's always the famous donor kebab. Gumbet's nightlife continues till dawn. That is, if you can handle it


The main Gumbet Beach is one of the longest (600 m ) of peninsula with many facilities for the wide range of water sports like skiing, scuba diving ,windsurfing, boating, motobiking and parasailing. You can lazily stretch out in sun ,have a sunbath for hours here at the beach. Certain areas of Beach are also hilly and shadowy.

There are many other beaches close to the Gumbet beach where you can reach by the Dolmus buses, the Bitez, Turgutreis, Torba Beach, Camel Beach and also one is the topless beach.